Solar Plastic Molding

Get rid of your molding energy bill. Our solar plastic molding systems use solar heat from heliostats to make plastic parts, instead of using fossil fuels.  Our Solar Rotational Molding (SRM®) systems cost less to purchase and to operate than traditional rotomolding factories. SRM systems don’t require a building or support structures – they are installed on unimproved land and operate entirely off-grid.  No gas or electrical connection needed.

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  • Make more profit than your competitors, or reduce price to gain market share.  5-30% finished part cost savings.
  • Zero carbon emissions, low-cost plastic molding
  • Generate carbon-credits
  • Add molding capacity at much lower cost than traditional molding cells
  • Deploy systems seasonally or on a trial basis – SRM systems can be moved / redeployed if desired
  • Easier permitting – no building, grid-tie energy required
  • Easily locate factories close to customers – reduce shipping costs, lead times
  • Economically viable on over 49% of Earth’s land mass.
  • SRM systems ship ‘turn-key’, with everything needed to make plastic parts except the molds and plastic resin.
  • Normal rotational molds can be used, with no modifications except a coat of solar absorptive paint.
  • Cycle times are equal or less than traditional rotomolding.

SRM Systems are in private Beta at several commercial molding sites, and will be released for general sale in late 2014.

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20,000 watts of heliostat concentrated radiant heat energy strike a rotational mold in the target, part of LightManufacturing's Turnk-Key cleantech sustainable manufacturing process - Solar Rotational Moldingâ„¢ (SRM).   Flat-bed sliding the LightManufacturing Factory-in-A-Box system onto the ground.  An advantage of this heliostat -powered cleantech manufacturing system is that it can be located close to customers, reducing transportation costs.
  world map - solar rotational molding and other heliostat fired industrial processes are viable on over 49% of the Earth's land area, from the US Southwest, to Latin America, to Australia, much of Asia, and much of Africa.  Sorry, Antarctica.   LightManufacturing's solar rotational molding process and other solar manufacturing systems help make manufacturing a cleantech process, a sustainable manufacturing method that takes advantage of heliostat Concentrated Solar Power ( CSP ).  liminate fossil fuel costs. sustainably manufactured plastic items - 20 gallon water tanks made using solar rotational molding - zero carbon emission manufacturing done with heliostat concentrated solar power for industrial process heat.

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Other Solar Thermal Applications

Contact us with your industrial thermal project, and learn how LightManufacturing’s advanced heliostat arrays can reduce operating costs and improve sustainability at your facility.